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Yello's weapons of choice?

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:48 pm
by Cryptowen
Out of curiosity, does anyone know what tools Yello has used most over the years in the recording, arranging, & mixing process? I know they used a Fairlight CMI extensively (or at least they did in the 80s from Stella on), & I believe Boris mentioned in an interview around the time of The Eye's release that he'd begun using the Absynth software synthesizer. Anyone know of any others?

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:05 am
by The Slaught
in 2003 Boris used NI Reaktor a lot. Reaktor is not just a softsynth or sampler. Here you can build your own sound devices from the very basic elements (like filters, generators, signal inverters, triggers & switches). Everything is modular & almost on a molecular level. In last versions you can even use your own images to replace the defauls knobs, faders & panels. Draw-It-Yourself!

For sequencing it may be something standard like Cubase or Logic. The mxing is done on a solid Euphonix console. Yello still use Euphonix since 90's & some years ago Dieter Meier bought the whole company.

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:51 am
by The Slaught
Fairlight had appeared first on Claro Que Si & only 30-40% of music was automated. Before that Yello used mainly keyboards (ARP Odyssey, RMI, String ensemble), tapes and effects, especially the Electric Mistress flanger pedal. It was used a lot for metallic sounds & noises

Most of 'YGSYTAE' was produced on the Fairlight with syncronized LinnDrum and synthesizers (ARP Odyssey, Roland JX-3P & others)