Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Postby Del » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:54 am

I'm a new member here, so I thought I'd write a little about how I discovered Yello.

My name is Derek, I'm 40 and I live in London. Many UK music fans will remember a TV show called The Tube and back in '86, they did a special called EuroTube. I recorded it as there were a few bands appearing that I really wanted to see.

Anyway, when I went back to school on Monday, my friend ran up to me. 'Did you see EuroTube?' 'I've recorded it but I haven't seen it yet...' 'You have to watch Yello! They are amazing!'
So when I got home, I started watching EuroTube and then Jools Holland introduced Yello. 'OK, let's see what the fuss is about'.
You can see the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ratzgNkXOjU
Well, he was right! They were amazing! The set, a big pile of bricks with a load of broken TV sets and the costumes, Boris in an overcoat with a pair of angel wings and Dieter in full evening dress.

And then there was the music. Absolutely like nothing I had ever heard. That 'doopa-dip-da' stuck in my head!
So the next day I headed to the record store to see if they had this song 'Goldrush'. They did, a double 12" gatefold edition which I grabbed and also 'The New Mix In One Go' album.

When I started listening to TNMiOG, I realised how wide and varied their musical style was, and I discovered 'Vicious Games', a song I had heard on the radio and really loved, but had never found out the artist!

My friend and I started to introduce more friends to Yello and soon there were quite a few of us. We all bought the old albums,and waited desperately for the new album. In the meantime, the Record Mirror magazine brought out an album with a Yello track 'There Is No Reason', which I made sure I got too.

Then 'One Second' finally arrived! This was the first 'new' Yello album for us and we loved it. There were a lot of heavy metal fans at school, who used to laugh at us for listening to Yello, so we played them 'Si Senor The Hairy Grill' and some of them became fans!

So that was how I became a fan of Yello, but I'm a little behind the times. Because of boring things like mortgages, I haven't been able to buy too many CDs (the latest I have is 'Pocket Universe') and I hadn't listened to Yello very much recently because my albums are all on vinyl, and I don't get time.

But just before Christmas, I was in a shop called Fopp (many Londoners will know it) and as I walked past the CD rack, I saw an album cover I recognised out of the corner of my eye. 'That's Stella' I thought to myself. 'And it's only £5?!' I flipped through the rack, and they had 'Flag' and 'One Second' too! So for £5 each, I had three remastered albums, with bonus tracks, to put on to my iPod and so I have been listening to Yello again in a major way so far in 2010 and I'll be getting 'Touch Yello' very shortly!

If you've read through all that, thank you and I think you deserve a nice rest with a cup of tea!
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Re: Hello everyone!

Postby julz » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:38 pm

Hey Derek thanks for your story and welcome. You’re really going to love Touch it’s a very polished album that keeps you coming back. You can subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.theyellosite.com and keep up on all the latest news. Also check out the discography section as we’ll be adding lot’s of stuff there through out this year.

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