Voodoo Mounted By The Gods (Boris Soundtracks)

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Voodoo Mounted By The Gods (Boris Soundtracks)

Postby Qubism » Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:11 am

I love a lot of Boris's ambient and instrumental tracks. I recently hunted down the original soundtrack CD to the Werner Herzhog documentary Voodoo Mounted By the Gods. Boris has 3 tracks on there. He uses some of the chanting from the film and creates some awesome ethnic techno.

Some of the music is on youtube but obviously crap quality sound. Listening to the CD at full Volume is awesome. The tracks are quite a fast tempo rather than laid back ambient. The film and CD came out in about 2003 or 04 around the time of The Eye era, but as with Most of Boris' work it is so well produced it sounds like it could have been made yesterday!

I love this stuff and my reason for posting now is that I got my CD for 25p on UK amazon and they have now slashed that huge expense to 10p!!!!!!

I'd have paid £10 but 10p for 3 excellent Boris tracks is incredible value for money. There is a nice booklet with the cd too and it has been quite interesting reading about the film. Unfortunately the only DVD I can see on amazon is about £50!
Get this CD though! Now! Thanks Boris! :))))

Richard S

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