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Posted: Mon May 31, 2004 1:20 pm
by owen
Off the top of my head i have these clips on vhs in excellent quality:
Yello snub UKtv special about 1988
Yello onUKTV 'The Roxy' with SBassey with'Rhythmn Divine'
Yello on UKTVEurotube about 1986 playing 'Goldrush' & short interview with Dieter
Dieter interview on kids UK tV'Get Fresh' show 1986 reviewing videos with Kid Jensen(DJ)
& in bad quality Dieter on Night Network reviewing videos & arguing with
Julian Cope
there is probaly more but can't think of any at the minute
Anybody else got any?One day maybe we could stick them on a DVD.
i don't have a DVD recorder at the moment but probaly will in a couple of years.Too many formats at the moment.