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Kraftwerk, no, Yello, - yes.

Posted: Mon May 30, 2011 2:27 am
by zaz965
Kraftwerk, no, Yello, Yes. Yello came into my life later, but both forever!
Kraftwerk, нет, Yello, - да. Yello вошёл в мою жизнь позже, но оба навсегда! :) ... re=related

Forever! :)

Re: Kraftwerk, no, Yello, - yes.

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:17 am
by zaz965
Article DW

In the Munich Museum opened an exhibition of three-dimensional Lenbachhaus video installations dealing with techno-pop pioneers - the Dusseldorf group Kraftwerk. On giant screens presented nine "classic" room staff.

Kraftwerk were in the museum. Is this not strange? Not a work of art created by members of the group, got into a museum, but she is exposed as an exhibit, as a work of art media. In the underground halls of the Munich Museum opened an exhibition of three-dimensional Lenbachhaus video installations in which the Kraftwerk show as they would like to see themselves today.

Changing History

Before the opening of the exhibition team gave three sell-out concert. Nothing new is not performed, and the sound of Kraftwerk hits are well known not for the first ten years, the only real innovation was the three-dimensional video shows. Videographer Stefan Pfaff (Stefan Pfaffe) since 2008, is a permanent member of the band.

Man-Machine said in Russian:''I am - your servant, I - your employee''(video installation)

Appearance has always been an important part of self-Kraftwerk. First there were the suits, ties and short cropped hair. The musicians on the stage stood motionless as mannequins, devoid of feelings and process involved the production of music of the future. Then came the idea of ​​replacing the living musicians still slightly moving robots, mechanical dolls. During live performances Kraftwerk look the same as in the videos, which were filmed dolls. Robots ousted people on assembly lines of factories, Kraftwerk camouflaged themselves under the same kind of anonymous mechanisms. These were machines for the production of music in the concert scene.

On the new concert group is the next step: robots become virtual. The music accompanies the three-dimensional video, phantom figures of musicians move directly into the auditorium. Technological innovation of this kind is not a gimmick. Many Hollywood blockbusters are shot in 3D. As part of the same pop music show Kraftwerk look unusual.

Total museum

But were not there with Kraftwerk since its inception the museum project? On the cover of the album "Radioactivity" - radio-thirties, on the cover of "Man-Machine" - red shirts and black ties, font borrowed from Soviet artists constructs twenties. The very phrase "man-machine" comes also from the 1920s. The cover plate, "Trans Express" - a collage: the musicians photographed separately, their individual portraits assembled in a single group, different sizes of heads, eyes looking in different directions. Such a pseudogroup collage pictures were typical of the era before World War II.

The interior of the museum with four dolls Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk themselves were a museum of curiosities tehnokratichekih of the past. Even the construction of their stage show (with four figures of the four fixed panels) is similar to a museum installation. From the "classic" Kraftwerk today in the team was only Ralph Hütter (Ralf Hütter), but the sight and sound of a band that did not have any impact, "general line" is not changed in decades. This is another example of the conservative approach of the museum, one might even say - the petrification of the museum.

During a concert in Munich, three-dimensional video to be seen is not very good: prevented musicians who stood on the stage. No interference was obtained three-dimensional presentation of the watch only a few places with a large hall. Standing in front of one of the three huge screens in the hall of the Munich museum, you can dive without any obstacles in the three-dimensionality of intoxication. Virtual figure Kraftwerk again returned to the red-black constructivist style of the mid-seventies, the red color dominates.

Each film corresponds to one song, all exposed groups of nine songs, all - well-known hits. Musicians-machines out of the screen and stretching out their hands to the viewer, from the top drop pills, arise and fall in the number, there is a high-speed highway ... Virtual space is rebuilt for each song. In standing in front of glass cases - Synthetic black costumes Kraftwerk, similar to diving.

Skepticism about progress

Back in the 70s from Kraftwerk had an idea not to go on tour and stay in his studio and transfer music to a particular concert hall. The expression "virtual tour" seems appropriate here. Today it exists commonly known technically possible: music can be broadcast anywhere on the Internet. Kraftwerk, however, prefer the old-fashioned still form concert.

According to rumors, the company chief Ralph Hütter is skeptical about the new media, social networks and technical innovations. Curator Matthias Myuling (Matthias Mühling) believes that the visual output is Kraftwerk in the jet of minimalist art and conceptualism, perhaps with some decorative redundancy. But Ralph Hütter on the subject refuses to talk, he does not approve of modern art. A pioneer of techno-pop is not accidentally approved the holding of the exhibition is in Lenbachhaus, which exhibited the classic modernist, "Oh, we, in any case much more like Kandinsky and Mondrian."

Author: Andrew Gorokhov
Editor: Yefim Schumann,,15 ... newsletter

Re: Kraftwerk, no, Yello, - yes.

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:06 am
by zaz965
Article DW

Kraftwerk: Music makes the machine

Forty years ago, while traveling in the GDR Ralf and Florian came upon them amazed football poster Dresden "Dynamo". It prompted them to is to give a new project called "Power" - Kraftwerk.

History of Kraftwerk, and its role in the development of pop music are not secret. Any more or less competent music journalist is able to articulate the historic significance of Kraftwerk, to describe the situation in West Germany, late 60s - early 70s, transfer records, note the strange and uncompromising image of technocratic orientation and, finally, about poohat not very friendly activity of the extinction in the eighties.

Kraftwerk at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2005

But at the same time the history of Kraftwerk - this is an area of ​​active myth-making. With a group traditionally associated set of terse agitation and propaganda slogans, such as the fact that "the studio - a musical instrument," "music of the future will make the machine", "the musicians of the future - a team of engineers," "Only a machine can bring into a perfect trance," and so on. This is not prophecy, and not the upgrade program of mass culture, and slogans marketing campaign on promotion of Kraftwerk. Even not very clear whether the musicians themselves formulated them or only much later joined the opinion of journalists. It seems that the second version is closer to the truth.

Hidden sources of

In 1967, in Berlin in the light of day appeared Tangerine Dream, a year in Cologne - Can. At the same time in Dusseldorf Ralf Hütter (Ralf Hütter) and Florian Schneider (Florian Schneider) formed their first band Organisation. The boys were at the Dusseldorf Conservatory, Ralph - the class elektroorgana, Florian - flute. Later, the musicians have denied any kind was foreign influence and claimed that they wanted to do the proper spirit of the era of electronic music, which is the result of a clean and free improvisation.

Ralf Hütter recalls the beginning of his career: "For us it was a big problem at all to make music in West Germany, in a situation where live music, casual music just disappeared. And because our generation has had to start from scratch."

Ralf and Florian ingested LSD, attending concerts and listening to Karlheinz Stockhausen LPs mountain home with American music. They were quite literate people. The duo played Organisation at universities and at exhibitions of contemporary art. "It is striking that the reserved, serious and intelligent Ralf and Florian - came from the upper strata of society. But they are clearly drawn to the world of disco, packed with fun girls. Solemn and bombastic guys with their clever music struggled to vtusovatsya in this frivolous world, "- says journalist Paul Alessandrini.

Futurism and nostalgia

Once, during a trip to East Germany, Ralf and Florian came across a poster of their amazed football match. It was written in huge letters the name of the command: "Dynamo" (Dresden). It sounded threatening and at the same time - ironically, because the "dynamo" of his own, so to speak, original meaning - a crude electric machine, and Dresden - an old, almost elegant city with a rich and glorious history. After some reflection, friends decided to call his new project Kraftwerk - "Power."

At the same time was born, and a strange concept that aspiration into a bright and high-tech future combined with a nostalgia for the era of the 20s - 30s, when the mass consciousness possessed the myth of a new life as a product of rampant industrialization. Kraftwerk - it's something like the enthusiasm of the first five, only admiration for the blast furnaces and airplanes transformed into jubilation on cosmic rays and intelligent machines. However, given the restraint and the arrogance of the aesthetes of Ralph and Florian, it's better not to speak of rejoicing, but of exquisite relish.

Ralf Hütter: "From the very beginning for us, was characterized by the concept of electronic folk music. This music is a sort of hymn to the future of the computer world." Acoustic idea Ralf and Florian was combined with gentle monotonous banging synth modulations. The listener at the same time had the impression that all the sound produces a primitive electric device to its own devices. Products similar to Kraftwerk very delicate and fragile hurdy-gurdy music. Jukebox with electric music was an ideal future.
It should be noted that Kraftwerk fall greedily Moog-synthesizer to a surprisingly late, much later, Tangerine Dream. But competitors of Tangerine Dream with a miracle-machine tried to complicate his music, make it more impressive, colorful and charming space. For Kraftwerk synthesizer provides a means of simplifying and music itself, and its manufacturing process. In the words of Ralph Hütter, "our concept - it's Kraftwerk, power, man-machine. We play on the machines, and machines play for us."

Author: Andrew Gorokhov
Editor: Yefim Schumann,156 ... newsletter

Re: Kraftwerk, no, Yello, - yes.

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:06 am
by zaz965
Life is beautiful when you're with YELLO.

Yello Elektropop aus Switzerland 3sat Doku

57 min. 52 sec, movie.