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Favorite song from "Baby"

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 3:47 pm
by JonKamm
Choose your favorite

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 11:52 am
by marko
drive driven for sure it is so cool and laid back.

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 12:00 pm
by julz
funny not to many people like rubberbandman

I think this is their worst single

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 12:14 pm
by marko
julz wrote:funny not to many people like rubberbandman

I think this is their worst single
is that the fat boys they sample in this song?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 12:21 pm
by julz
marko wrote:
julz wrote:funny not to many people like rubberbandman

I think this is their worst single
is that the fat boys they sample in this song?

Sorry I meant "don't like"

Yeah I have thought about that also. It sure sounds like the Fat Bays!
The Fat Boys are back! :)

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:38 am
by Dreamer
Hello all,

This is my first post in this forum. I have "80-85 remix", "Flag", "Baby" and "The Eye". Now I'm trying to get the rest of albums as well...

Voted for "Drive/Driven", it is a great!

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 4:44 am
by laurens
Welcome Dreamer!
The morre the merrier.
I am also a fan of Drive Driven

When you mention that you are looking for the rest of the Yello Albums, do you mean in any specific format as in VINYL, CD, Cassett...? Or just any format to get your music library complete?

I have a good collection of vinyl, but most of the new stuff as in From the days of CD's, not much, as there aren't many, if any, exported to Canada. (Funny that, where you would think that a CD would be easier and cheeper to ship than a 12" single or album on VINYL.

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 5:19 am
by Dreamer
I'm going to get them in CD. Tapes and vinyls get worse as you listen to them, and CD:s are easy to listen in my car as well...

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:17 am
by Gator33

Blender gets my vote for its incredible opening sequence. :shock:

BTW: My first post on this forum. Been a Yello fan since 1988. Special ordered One Second just for Oh Yeah after hearing it on Ferris Buellers Day Off.

When the CD finally arrived, I was able to listen to all the tracks besides the one I knew about. Soon, I was shouting OH YEAH. :mrgreen:

One Second is still my most-listened-to CD. Best music for the car. The best way I can describe Yellos music is that it has a sense of Presence that Ive never experienced from other music.


Re: Favorite song from "Baby"

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 2:17 pm
by ted
uote="JonKamm"]Choose your favorite[/quote]
drive/driven that subtle flute melody!

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:35 pm
by robo-1
Although these polls were started soooo long ago, I presume it is ok to still post here!

Baby is such a delightfully diverse album with so many good tracks, that I don't know if I can pick just one favourite... The album runs the gamut of Yello stylings: from Boris Blank cinematic soundscapes "Homage to the Mountain" and "Sweet Thunder", to hilarious Dieter Meier story-songs "Ocean Club" and "Blender", to lusty retro-lounge tunes "Capri Calling" and "Drive/Driven", to high-energy sample-laced dance hits "Rubberbandman, Jungle Bill, Who's Gone?" and "On the Run"...

Though some here dog the "Rubberbandman" track, I enjoy this song. I really dig how Dieter Meier channels Satchmo so convincingly here. And the bridge of the song, where Billy Mackenzie's backing vocals and the piano bit come in, is really strong... So strong, that Boris returns to this bridge to end the tune. I almost wish that "Rubberbandman" was longer and "Jungle Bill" was shorter. I think I prefer the Essentials version of "Jungle Bill" to the one that appears on this album; It's tighter.

The sultry singing of Billy Mackenzie makes "Capri Calling" a killer track, but why does this song sound so truncated? Did Yello release an extended version of this track? Again, shorten "Jungle Bill", extend "Capri".

Like a good number of other participants of this poll, I have a soft spot for "Blender". If Baby packs a lot of diverse Yello goodness into one album, then "Blender" packs a lot of it into a single song! You've got a goofy Dieter Meier storyline (Random Tux, the blender-salesman/womanizer --oh, that Dieter!) goofy that it's cool... Plus you've got the cinematic aspects of the music (take away Dieter's vocals and couldn't this be the backing music to a James Bond action sequence?)... And on top of that the song is quite danceable!

I tell you, I *could* vote for "Blender", but the song that follows it on the track list, "Sweet Thunder", is so great, that it really prevents me from choosing. This is a sonically awesome song. Like a lot of Yello music, there is only one way to listen to "Sweet Thunder" and that's LOUD! Again, this track is music as cinematic storytelling. We don't have Dieter narrating here, but there is a story being told nevertheless. Also, has anyone else noticed that "Sweet Thunder" is the obvious musical grandparent of "Beyond Mirrors", the track that would later serve as the finale to Yello's Pocket Universe album?

Holy cow, I've sure typed a lot! I better stop... No one will probably see this anyway! Oh well... All hail YELLO!

Your tiny metal friend,

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:27 pm
by julz
I've seen your post and it was enjoyable :)
How's that :) I still disagree with you about Rubberbandman though.

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:54 pm
by Ade
'Jungle Bill' and 'Drive/Driven' are very close contenders, but I simply have to give my vote to 'Sweet Thunder'. A wonderful closer to a nicely varied album that I wasn't immediately impressed with upon early listens. It never fails to entertain me now.

Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 8:23 pm
by Bjossi
I love many of the songs on this album, but if I had to pick one it would be 'Blender'. A song with an epic and humorous introduction that never gets old for me.

I'll give Sweet Thunder honorable mention though, Yello's instrumental songs are truly magical (and this is coming from a guy who only has copies of Baby, Stella and Claro Que Si so far), filled with detail and atmosphere that makes one's mind's imagination fly. :)