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Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 8:44 pm
by Seba
Hi, I'm very happy because I've found this: ... 45209.aspx
or here's the direct link: "".

Maybe you all have already seen it, but this is for those who didn't noticed it. For me this is new, I didn't know that Yello did a live performance in 1995 on that festival with all those other electronic musicians (including Moby, Carl Cox and others).

It's a 15 minutes live track of Yello in Mayday 1995 (Reformation) - Dortmund [04.30.95]. The performance is Dieter speaking and singing (or yelling) "standing at the machine...", "you gotta say yes to ..." and other famous lines, all over an extended and remixed version of "Tremendous Pain (Suite 904)".

saludos desde Argentina.