Boris and Dieter's Celebrity Playlist's on iTunes

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Boris and Dieter's Celebrity Playlist's on iTunes

Postby JonKamm » Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:28 pm

iTunes Germany is featuring as of today a "Celebrity Playlist", where Boris and Dieter had to pick 5 favorite songs each (among them one from YELLO).

iTunes(Germany) Link: ... 43443&wm=3

On the iTunes page you can click on the tabs above list to see just Boris's picks or just Dieter's.
Interesting music. Boris's choices of "Theme From Creation" and "Rain Dance" sound like something he would do.

You will also find link on the front page of German iTunes Music Store.

For those without iTunes here is the list. I highly recommend going to iTunes(Germany) and listening to the tracks very interesting.

Celebrity Play List YELLO


Marvin Gaye
„I heard it through the grapevine“
Marvin Gaye ist für mich der perfekte Soulsänger. Da stehen mir die Haare zu Berge. Erinnerungen an New York 1971, als ich dort meine erste Kunstausstellung hatte.

Marvin Gaye is for me the perfect Soulsinger. There the hair stands for me to mountains. Memories of New York 1971, when I had there my first art exhibition.

Miles Davies
„Kind of Blue“ (Album / Jazz)
As cool as cool gets…
Erste Zigarette, und der Wunsch, auch so cool zu sein.

First cigarette, and the desire to be also so cool.

Michael Jackson
„Billy Jean“
Das Meisterwerk eines Genies, das eine Figur erfunden hat wie Micky Mouse. Genialer Tänzer und Choreograph.

The masterpiece of a genius, who invented a figure like Micky Mouse. Ingenious dancer and Choreograph.

Rolling Stones
„Sympathy for the Devil“
Geht gut los und zieht voll durch, genialer Rhythmus, Euphorie pur.

Well loose and pulls through fully, ingenious rhythm, euphoria goes purely.

Sprache als Rhythmusinstrument. Der Stimmcharakter von YELLO hier erfunden.

Language as rhythm instrument. The being correct character invented by YELLO here.


Jimi Hendrix
„If 6 was 9“
Einer der fettesten Songs von Jimi H, zu Zeiten, wo Musik noch erfunden wurde.

One the fattest Songs of Jimi H, at times, where music was still invented.

Herbie Hancock
„Rain Dance“
Hat mich damals bewogen, mit Hilfe der Elektronik Musik zu machen.
„Rain Dance“ ist heute noch so aktuell wie 1973.

Has me induced at that time to make with the help of electronics music. "Rain Dance" is today still as current as 1973.

The Temptations
“Papa was a Rollin’ Stone“
7 Minuten Soul & Spirit erster Qualität. Die Temptations inspirieren mich noch heute.

7 minutes of Soul & Spirit of first quality. Temptations inspire me still today.

Brian Eno
„Theme from Creation“ (Album “Music for Films III”)
Brian Eno ist für mich einer der feinsten der zeitgenössischen Komponisten. Seine Musik mit geschlossenen Augen hören – das schönste Kino.

Brian Eno is for me one of the finest contemporary composers. Its music with closed eyes hear - the most beautiful cinema.

„Moon on Ice“
Es gibt für mich viele Favoriten von YELLO, im Moment ist es „Moon on Ice“. Dieser Song birgt etwas Geheimnisvolles, das mich berührt – Sehnsucht.

There are for me many favorites of YELLO, for the moment is it "Moon on Ice". This Song saves something mysterious, which affects me - longing.
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Postby laurens » Tue Nov 08, 2005 6:50 pm

This is indeed very interesting. Neat too to see what their favorite Yello songs are too!

(I swear, you have to get a life man, diggiing up all of this cool stuff makes me jealous, wishing I had so much time on my hands!)
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