Box Set from amazon arrived

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Box Set from amazon arrived

Postby Oliver » Thu Nov 10, 2005 10:11 am

Hi there!

So, I got my box set from the german amazon yesterday! Surprise!Surprise!

Really a bargain! Six CDs for 50 Euro. And each CD is seperately packaged in plastic! So I started with SP yesterday, and I unwrapped CQS already this morning before leaving to work. If I can stick to one CD per day, I will unwrapp Flag on monday!

So, I took a look inside CQS, without listening to it yet. And compared to the booklet of SP I miss the opportunity to read a full review of CQS from the past. The review of SP therefore was enjoyable in total.

Hey WOW! I got them! Any1 need the old CD releases?

(Ooops. I wanted to add this posting to the Master Series topic, SORRY!)

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