the Judging's DONE!

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the Judging's DONE!

Postby laurens » Mon Jul 12, 2004 3:32 pm

I just got an email from support at Start-ab. The judging is complete, and we still won't know who won untill the 17th.
the serimony/party will be broadcast live via the internet too!
follow the link....
and click on PARTY! it will begin at 8:00pm european time, so check your timing if you don't want to miss it and cannot make it there in person.
Laurens van Graft
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Party details

Postby JonKamm » Wed Jul 14, 2004 12:17 pm

If I lived in Europe I would want to be there. Best chance of possibly meeting Dieter or Boris.

Party Details:

The 04 presentation of prizes and final party will take place on saturday, july, 17th at the phoenix-halle in dortmund, germany.
it is an amazing old industrial hall, which has been restores completely.
a new hot-spot for music, parties art and cultural events in north rhine-westphalia!
the long evening will start with an exclusive panel, presented by an instructor from the School Of Audio Engineering. he will introduce the partipiciants to the latest production techniques in a recording studio.
afterthat the presentation of prizes will start at about met.
we will present all 04 projects and announce all winners.
afterwards and finally we have DJ Disco at the turntables to rock the fete finale of 04!!!
even for those, who can’t come to germany - don't worry!
you all can take part in our big presentation of prizes and party for we will bring the whole event via web to your computer.
from met on we will install a livestream of the whole presentation of prizes and the following party on our website. you will find the link to the livestream on july, 17th here - on this page!
take part!!! presentation of prizes and final Party

Location: Phoenix-Halle, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Date: Saturday, July 17th
Timetable: met: school of audio engineering – panel; topic: production
techniques in recording studios met: doors open met: beginning of the presentation of prizes met: Fete Finale!
Specials: – Fair (information-desks of the sponsors)
Host: Martin Wilger
DJ: DJ Disco

for those of you, who would like to come:
please register by mail to [email protected] and tell us, with how many people you would like to come. please also register if you want to take part in the panel discussion.
if you are not able to come to Dortmund, you have also the chance, to watch the whole event on the internet.
on saturday, July 17th we will install a livestream on our website and bring the whole party to you!
here you will find the link to the stream on saturday...
any questions left?
please mail to [email protected]

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