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Yello 2012 MegaMix 30 min sample

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:29 am
by Rotravi
Here it is...a nice 30 min. sample of the full 2 hour and 8 minutes MegaMix that will be posted 1 May 2012.

Remember to watch in full screen 720 to get the most of it :!:
I hope you all like it and give a comment to what you think about it so far :-)
32 Tracks and some groovy mixing awaits you ;-D
Here is the complete tracklist to look forward to : :D

1.Intro [From The Virtual Concert]
2.The Expert
3.Tiger Dust [Virtual concert version]
4.Tangier Blue
5.On Track [Dough Laurent's First Journey] [Single Version]
6.Jungle Bill [Voodo Fudge Mix]
7.Out Of Dawn
8.The Race [Sample from full length 13 min version]
9.The Race [Carl Segal RockAmerica Mix]
10.Hands On Yello [Feat. Hooligan]
11.Plastic - Addicted [Radio-Club version in one go]
12.Yello vs Hardfloor - Vicous Games [Radio Video Edit]
13.Live at The Roxy [Sample]
14.Base For Alex
15.You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess [12" Disco Mix]
16.Who's Gone
17.Oh Yeah [Dance Mix]
18.Squeeze Please [sounds of Life Club Mix[ [Sample]
19.Squeeze Please [Sounds Of Life Mix]
20.Call It Love [Trego Snare Version]
21.To The Sea [Radio Version-Northern Mix]
22.Pinbal Cha Cha [Sample]
23.Pinbal Cha Cha [Sample 2]
24.Angel No
26.She's Got a Gun [Normal+Istrumental in one]
27.Bostich [Reflected] [Sample]
28.Part Love
29.La Habanera
30.Gold Rush II [12" Mix]
31.Solar Driftwood-Beyond Mirrors
32.Scorpio Rising

Hail Yello Forever :mrgreen:

Re: Yello 2012 MegaMix 30 min sample

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:55 pm
by julz
Wild man… wild!